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ብዙ ጊዜ የማቀቢያ ማሽንን በመሥራት እና በመጠቀማችን ሂደት ውስጥ ለብዙ ስህተቶች እንጋለጣለን, ይህም የምርት ቅልጥፍናችንን ብቻ ሳይሆን የሚቀጥለውን የምርት ሂደትም ይነካል. Wei Guochuang Xiaobian ብዙ የተለመዱ ስህተቶችን ያሳየዎታል ይህም በምደባ ማሽን ውስጥ ብዙ ስህተቶችን ያስከትላል። እነዚህን ውድቀቶች በትክክል ማስወገድ አለብን, ስለዚህ የእኛ ማሽን በተሻለ ሁኔታ እንዲሠራ, አንድ ላይ እንሰባሰብ እንይ. 

Wrong operation 1: If we are setting the position of the material, we need to accurately calibrate the position, because the incorrect position is one of the common failures of many machines when throwing materials and sticking crooked. If there is a problem with the position , we need to make corrections in time, we need to check it every time before using the placement machine.

Wrong operation 2: We cannot replace the material on the way of using the placement machine, which will not only affect the operation of the machine and cause the placement machine to fail, but also threaten our life safety. If If we urgently want to replace the material, we might as well perform emergency braking on the machine, so as to ensure personal safety.

Wrong operation 3: When the placement machine is running, we cannot penetrate the body into the interior of the placement machine. If we need to observe the operation, we need to close the safety window, and then observe outside the window. If an accident occurs, we need to It undergoes an emergency shutdown. 

Wrong operation 4: We often like to check the effect in the placement machine. This is a good operation. However, many bad manufacturers find faulty materials after inspection and perform secondary processing on them. Not only is it a great damage to the material, but it is also a deception for the consumer, and we refuse to shoddy.

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